Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Life is interesting like that some times...

So I am sitting here doing calculus and thanks to Lhosreiff over at Every Two Days( check em out, pretty awesome stuff) I am listening to a great artist named Ronald Jenkees. So instead of doing calc I have decided to write a blog about well really nothing in particular. As most of you who read my blog know, I am transferring to The University of Oklahoma next semester to complete my degree in computer engineering. I'm excited to do this since a largish city means a more homely feel but I know I'll miss the friends I made at this school.

Found an apartment in Norman, 1100 sq ft for 800 not too bad, really nice too and not run down which is a plus. Might have found a roommate(who will most likely kill me in my sleep) and am still looking for a job out that way too I suppose.

I do find it funny how we forget about the little things in life though. For instance, I've been so focused on getting into OU, keeping my grades up at ECU and finding a job that I haven't "enjoyed" life like I should be. Do not get me wrong, I enjoyed getting in and knowing my efforts have paid off. But I have always been one to say relax, take it easy, and just enjoy life overall. So today I just lay in the grass, looked up at the sky and relaxed. Let me tell you it was great. Sometimes you need those moments to remind yourself you are still alive.

Now back to calculus I suppose. Unless someone wishes to "bother and distract" me.


  1. What kinda calc you doing? Followed!

  2. Calc 1 but our school has calc as a 5 hour course so it's really calc 1 and 2 in most other schools. I got a late start on my math though since I originally started as a bio/pre med the found my true love in engineering.

  3. Calculus is a stupid waste of time.

  4. Less calculus, more laying in grass ;)

  5. I wish calc wasn't so important to my major sometimes heh.
    Yes Rob I agree completely. It was much much MUCH better